Image Blocking in email Clients

Secret Tips in Dealing with Image Blocking Email Clients.


One of the most challenging issues faced by email campaigners is the tendency of the email campaign to have its images blocked. This is a very challenging task for email campaigners as images are very important to your newsletters and emails. In a report conducted in 2009, a lot of email clients are blocking images. The reason for this is that a number of email clients would try to get rid of the potential malicious scripts inserted in the images. To keep the emails clean, email clients are blocking any forms of images inserted in an email.

On the other hand, the success of an email campaign proved to be based on the visual presentation. A lot of people could easily grasped the message of the campaign with the graphics. This is a good supplement to text campaigns. Through images, recipients will be able to know clearly the message of the newsletter sent through emails. At the same time, it will also create a vivid graphic presentation that will clearly send a message to the recipient.

As the email clients are currently blocking images, it has become a challenging and daunting task for every email campaigner. For this reason, every email campaigner must know some tips on how to get through with the block and be able to send the message clearly. In this way, they must be able to send to their recipients the message they intend to have even though images might be blocked.

Ways Images Will Be Treated by Email Clients

There are lots of ways that images will be treated by clients.  In one way, email clients will display an ALT message indicating that the image can be downloaded at the option of the user. Through this, Alt messages will be displayed.  Through this format, email campaigners must be able to clearly describe what the blocked imaged should be so that it will be seen by the recipient. In this way, they will get hold on those images.

In some instance, email clients will not block those images as long as it will be tagged as a reliable source from the user. However, this can only work with some email clients. Leading online email clients like Yahoo usually block images to protect their account holders.  Despite of this blocking of images, there are still some way a message could be sent out to the recipient. It only takes a creative way to make those images clear and surpass image block.

The Better Image Alternatives


One of the most important script to insert to every newsletter is the Alt script. This will give every email campaigner a chance to inform the recipient on those images that has been blocked. However, there are some goes beyond Alt message. Instead of just putting a simple Alt message that might be easily ignored, they made it into a stylish Alt message that could possibly resemble the image itself. One example is a “Hit” button. Since the image will be blocked, a great alternative could be creating a stylish HTML codes that simply resembles the hit button and one could create a button even if the images are locked. Another thing is that one could create and modify a CSS code into something that may be similar to a picture. This is just one of the few ways to simply evade image blockers and send your message straight to your recipients.

Test, test and test again…

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