Email Blasts and Eshots

Eshots are generally promotions of a special offer Ė using Email Blasts, a marketing email is sent out to multiple inboxes simultaneously, allowing your company to let thousands of people know at the touch of a button about your latest offers.

The most important thing to remember is to distinguish your Eshot from unsolicited spam Ė for this reason itís crucial to gain permission (opt-in) to send potential customers regular communications, as well as to always provide an unsubscribe link in your emails.

An Opt-in Database can be bought or built through certain tried and tested techniques such as adding sign up links and voucher codes on your website. Once you have your Opt-in List, you can also customise your Email Blast with Eshots that fit different market segments in one mailing, such as different promotions for new or existing customers.

Itís also important to remember that the success of your Email Blast depends on click through (customers clicking on the email links that take them to your website). Accessibility and design elements play a strong part in this, such as having a text only version of your Eshot for those people who have blocked image display or canít view HTML.

Apart from building consumer interest and an increase in sales, an Email Blast Campaign will give your company valuable information on market behaviour Ė you can track statistics such as what links people clicked on, how many click throughs resulted in conversion, whether the Eshot was forwarded, and many more.

Reaching your customers and keeping their interest has never been easier. Whether you need a full or partial solution, email iQ have the expertise to make your Email Blast Campaign a success. We can give your Eshots the flair they need to deliver results.

Here are just some of the things email iQ can do for your company:

Industry leading design and copywriting for Eshots and other online marketing.

Effective Opt-in database(s) to increase your advertising return of investment.

Manage, track and measure the performance of your Email Blast Campaign.

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