Email Newsletters & E-Newsletters

Email Newsletters and Enews updates are an excellent way to build a loyal market base Ė they require a signup (or opt-in), as well as in many cases a selection of the specific topics that a person is interested in receiving. Apart from bringing you in regular contact with potential customers, this increases understanding of your target market and letís your company plan marketing campaigns more effectively.

Email newsletters are most commonly broadcasted automatically at a set time to multiple inboxes using Email Broadcasting. Their effectiveness depends on both a design which is appealing and uncluttered, as well as attractive content that catches the readerís eye. The main subjects or promotions should stand out as people often donít have time to read them thoroughly.

Enews updates can be in the form of short, succinct emails, but they are increasingly being sent via RSS feed. This means that a user can have their update as the news breaks - by downloading a simple piece of software, the latest news titles with a link to read further automatically and unobtrusively displays on a personís computer.

Using the right tools, Email Newsletters and Enews updates can not only build relationships with potential customers, they allow your company to measure the effectiveness of your content and how readers are responding to it by tracking statistics such as how many people actually opened your emails and the links they clicked on. This provides invaluable information on the interests of your target market, so you can strengthen your products and/or services accordingly.

Reaching your customers and keeping their interest has never been easier. Whether you need a full or partial solution, email iQ has the expertise to give your Email Newsletters and Enews updates the flair they need to deliver results.

Here are just some of the things email iQ can do for your company:

Industry leading design and copywriting for Ezines and online marketing.

Manage, track and measure the performance of your Email Broadcasting Campaign.

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