Email Promotions

Email Lists allow you to automatically send a single email to a large number of individual email addresses. These potential customers have given their permission to receive relevant information, so your email won't end up in their spam folder! The better the list, the more suited potential customers will be to your products and services.

On average, it takes 4 visits to a website before a customer makes the decision to purchase. This means it's crucial to build a relationship with your target market - one of the best ways to do this is through Email Promotions. By demonstrating that your products and services are relevant to their needs, as well as providing useful free information, you significantly increase the chance that they will choose your company over your competitors.

Email Marketing Promotions also help you to build loyalty with your existing customers - the more you target your marketing to their known tastes, the more likely they are to keep returning to your company.

email iQ has the experience to provide your company with tailored Opt-in Lists to suit your specifications and target market. Once you have an Email List of customers who have given their permission to receive marketing information, as well as appealing, relevant content, it's important to be able to effectively manage your Email Promotions. Our automated software tools make things simple:

Personalise your Email Promotion content.

Locate and remove duplicate addresses on your Email List.

Automatically handle customer subscribe/unsubscribe notifications.

Record the time and date of subscriptions - it's important to be able to prove a customer has opted-in for your email marketing.

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