Email Broadcast and Email Broadcasting

In a nutshell, Email Broadcasting sends a single email to multiple inboxes simultaneously. This makes Email Promotions or Direct Mailings as simple as the touch of a button. With the right tools, it allows your company to increase its return of investment significantly as well as manage its marketing campaigns with ease.

The purpose of Email Broadcasting is generally to encourage interest and sign up (opt-in) for regular communications from your company, such as Ezines or newsletters. It can also be fine-tuned according to your marketing needs you can broadcast an email to specific locations or age groups that would be interested in your products or services.

The Ezine is an excellent way to interest customers in giving their permission to receive regular information (opt-in). It is a periodic online publication, focused on specific subjects, that is either sent by email of posted on a website. Sign up to an Ezine is effectively an opt-in to receive regular information from your company, bringing you closer to building an ongoing relationship with your customers.

Ezines differ from other email newsletters in that their purpose is generally to share useful information, not to promote sales. They are effective in email broadcasts because they offer free information to customers, which is an appealing incentive for them to visit your website.

Reaching your customers and keeping their interest has never been easier. Whether you need a full or partial solution, email iQ have the expertise to make your Email Broadcasting Campaign a success. Our experts will give your Ezine and other communications the flair they need to deliver results.

Here are just some of the things email iQ can do for your company:

Industry leading design and copywriting for Ezines and online marketing.

Manage, track and measure the performance of your Email Broadcasting Campaign

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