Email Marketing Solutions and Features
Subscriber List Management
Anchor Links
Colour and font toolbar
Drag-and-drop simplicity
Modes: Preview, Edit, HTML
Personalisation option
Personalised Forward-to-a-friend
Preview and test your emails
Spell check
Text formatting
Create new responders or reuse past emails
Triggers include Not / Opened email, Not / Clicked, Not / Bounced, Not / Unsubscribed
Choose one or more list and segments
Schedule when emails will be sent
Use pre-designed email templates from email iQ
Use rich media content on landing pages - flash & audio
Use rich media content within email - video & audio
Send HTML only or text only email marketing messages
Send inline HTML email marketing messages (no tracking)
Send multi-part email marketing messages (HTML & text)
Foreign language support provided
Viral Marketing - Send to Friend feature available
Check if you IP is blacklisted with popular black lists
Check your email for W3C Compliance
Pre-delivery list analysis
See how & where email appears in major email clients and browsers
Spell check your email marketing messages
Test your email against spam filters
Deliver over 500K emails within 1 hr
Reset campaigns and send again without need to create from scratch
Schedule email marketing messages
Bounce handling and detailed bounced email categorisation
Campaign flow management "Email throttling"
Dedicated IP addresses available for your own use
Reverse / Forward DNS configuration
Sender ID configuration
Set your bounce limits and automatically suppress bounced emails from your list
SPF record configuration
White list agreements with major ISPs
Who unsubscribed from this message?
Who opened this message?
Who did not open this message?
Who clicked the links in this message?
Who bounced in this message and why?
Compare reports
Create custom reports
Export email message statistics in CSV format
Print PDF Reports
Publish reports on secure extranet
SaaS & ESP model
Hardware MTA (Iron Port)
Scalable email marketing solution
Scalable email marketing solution
Secure connection (SSL)
Simple billing structure
Web services integration
Context sensitive help
No long training courses to attend
Web training
Online help videos
Email marketing - support, knowledgebase, best practice guidelines & blog
Reseller branding
Customise email iQ - add your logo
Customise email iQ - add your logo to extranet reports
Customise email iQ - add your logo to login page
Customise email iQ - add your logo to marketing material
Customise email iQ - add your logo to printed PDF reports
Customise email iQ - add your logo to the email footer
SMS marketing*
FAX marketing*
Contact Manager*
Web analytics**
Custom projects**
* Available Q1 2010.
** Please contact us for more details.