Email Advertising

Opt-in Email Advertising targets customers who have consented to receive information from your company - this means they are interested in what your company has to offer, so the return of investment on your marketing campaign yields higher results. If done effectively, it can also greatly increase customer loyalty.

Another name for Opt-in Email Advertising is Permission Marketing. With a person's consent, your company can automatically send out relevant materials to their market segment. The incentive to customers is that they can receive more personal, relevant information than they would get from untargeted advertisements. Without a customer's permission however, your email advertising is in effect spam, which people increasingly have zero tolerance for.

Typical examples of Opt-in Email Marketing are Email Newsletters or Eshots, sent via Email Broadcasting or an Email Blast to a large number of customers. When they sign up, it's important to keep in mind that the more information they provide about their interests, the more relevant your marketing to them can be, so you might want to consider the option of including a survey in your Email Advertising to better understand your target audience.

Building an Opt-in Email List is the foundation for your Email Advertising Campaigns, but the message to your target audience is equally important. Without relevant, concise content that appeals to customers, their opt-in could just as easily change to opt-out.

Reaching your customers and keeping their interest has never been easier. Whether you need a full or partial solution, email iQ have the expertise to make your Opt-in Email Advertising Campaign a success. We can give your marketing the flair it needs to deliver results.

Here are just some of the things email iQ can do for your company:

Industry leading design and copywriting for online marketing.

Effective Opt-in database(s) to increase your advertising return of investment.

Manage, track and measure the performance of your Email Advertising Campaign.

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